Are you ready to Improve Your Life?

Work with me

I help women to identify what’s causing unhelpful thoughts and feelings that are detracting from them truly enjoying their lives. Together we take targeted action to eradicate and replace those thoughts and feelings with something that empowers you to take back control. This enables you to create a happier life that enhances your emotional and mental wellbeing. You will be surprised at what you can do with your life once you’re unencumbered by unhelpful narratives.

Who I work with

I work with women who feel dissatisfied, powerless or frustrated with any aspect(s) of their life. They find those feelings negatively impacting other areas of their life, causing stress or low moods.

You have a busy and full life but you find yourself struggling with the pressure and demands on your time. This can lead you to wish that things were different but either you don’t know how to change them or you don’t believe that it’s possible for you.

What we do together

We discuss what you want to improve in your life and then we get to work to make that happen. What we work on is up to you, if you need help to work out what that is, because sometimes some things are hidden by other things, that’s no problem. We will work it out together to get complete clarity on what you want to do, and then we’ll do it!

Whether you want to become healthier, change careers, start your own business, be more confident, be less affected by life’s irritants at work, home or with family, let go of something in the past that keeps coming up, start a new habit and keep it up, or just generally feel more relaxed in your life every day, it is all absolutely possible. I promise you!

Some people want to make big changes to their lives and I support them to do that; by developing a robust mindset that means they’re full of confidence in their ability to change their life for the better.

Other people already have the life that they want but they need support in dealing with certain aspects of it; dealing with the pressure of the responsibility of a senior position, alongside feeling guilty about having less time with their young family. I support them to improve their life too.

It’s possible, and surprisingly easy, to improve your life without changing anything physical about it at all. By supporting you to understand and improve your reactions to the pressure points in your life. I’ve seen many people go from stressed out and tense to calm and relaxed so many times, it’s one of the most satisfying parts of my work.

The VIP Package - the coaching package for women who are ready to live the life they desire

The VIP Package

  • Be clearer on what really matters to you & how to achieve it
  • Be free of overwhelm & focused on creating the life you desire
  • Have confidence in yourself to do all that you want to
  • Feel light, bright & energised to do things that once felt out of reach
  • Put you first & reap all of the benefits of doing so

Life Improvement Coaching - Transformation Packages

Make Way for Calm

  • Be free of those chaotic thoughts and feelings, so your mind will be calmer
  • Be focused on what matters, so that you can fully enjoy your down time
  • Feel more confident and grounded in yourself, which you can use in other areas of your life
  • Finally be rid of what was holding you back, so you’ll feel more positive about life

Make Way for Confidence

  • Be free of those doubts, worries and fears, so you’ll be focused on your goal.
  • Be clear on what action you need to take, so you can assess your progress en route to reaching your goal.
  • Feel more grounded and have confidence in yourself, which you can use in other areas of your life.
  • Finally be rid of what was holding you back, so you feel empowered about taking control of your life.

Coaching sessions are typically held fortnightly, last 90 minutes and are held via video call, using either Zoom, FaceTime or occasionally WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger

Existing Clients

To support existing clients my Mindset Maintenance Sessions are the perfect way to keep you on track & feeling great.