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Be Your Best Yet

Would you like to be less of a control freak & respond calmly when things happen beyond your control?

Learn how to relinquish the desire to control life & discover emotional freedom.

The VIP Package

A bespoke 1 to 1 coaching program that supports you to recognise what drives your attempt to control your life. You’ll transcend those habitual patterns, understand yourself like never before & step into creating what you truly desire in your life.

Warning: This program is not for you if…

But you’re in the right place if...

Can you imagine what it would be like when...

I know what you’re thinking...

That all sounds great, but it’s just not possible for you. You’ve got things going on in your life that mean those things are insurmountable. You’ve always felt stressed, anxious, & that you have to control everything, it’s who you are & that’s just the way it is. You’ve read the books, watched YouTube videos, you’ve heard the ‘how’ but nothing changes. You’re wired differently to other people & achieving that level of peace, joy & fulfilment is a pipe dream. Things just don’t come easily, your horse is tricky, you struggle & have to manage things in a particular way for both of you, before you can even think about riding or having a nice day together. You’ve read the books, you’ve tried exercises from YouTube tutorials, you’ve tried affirmations, sought advice from friends & those more experienced than you & it just hasn’t worked. This isn’t your fault, things that worked for others didn’t work for me either, that doesn’t make us wrong, it just means we need something different.

I used to think that too!

I used to be where you are right now...

I felt like I was at the mercy of life, that I was paddling so hard to keep everything going & it was exhausting!

I tried to please everyone, doing what I thought I ‘should’ do & putting my own needs last. I felt like I couldn’t relax for fear of being found out that I wasn’t good enough. I didn’t have time to rest, if I took my eye off the ball then it’d all come crashing down around me.

I had a lot of the things that many people want; a successful career, a lovely home, a great husband, a good salary. I was stressed out, anxious & I didn’t know how I’d ended up there!

Eventually I realised that something had to change, I couldn’t carry on living like that without risking burnout.

I’d had enough of being on the proverbial hamster wheel & wishing there was a pause button so I could ‘just catch up’.

Following deciding that I couldn’t carry on like that, I became aware that everything that’d been happening was of my creation. It wasn’t easy to see that & it’d been unintentional, but it was nonetheless true. I’d created the life I was living & how I was reacting to my circumstances was exacerbating how stuck I felt.

Today I’m living the life I truly want to live & people often reflect how grounded I am to me. I have a great balance with work & play & I do things that light me up every day.

The greatest changes are in how I relate to myself & life, I’m at peace with both. Gone is the stressed out woman who was at the mercy of circumstances, she’s been replaced by the real me, who deals with whatever comes her way calmly & adeptly.

The way I respond when unwanted things happen is light years away from that old version of me! To deal with a previously stress-inducing situation with an ease I didn’t know was possible is incredibly empowering!

That old version of me had no idea that inner peace & emotional freedom were the key to creating an incredible life.

Kerry Donoghue
Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Glasgow, UK
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I wish I’d worked with you sooner! I felt frustrated and stuck, I’d settled for & accepted what I had. I didn’t know that I could set boundaries & take up space, I didn’t realise how exhausting it is to have a list of “shoulds”!

I was living my life for the good of others, I wasn’t prioritising myself at all, in fact I felt guilty & selfish for trying!

I love how empowered I’ve become through our work. You’ve helped me wake up & start living, instead of settling. I can see now that my own care being last was what led me to struggle with low self-esteem. 

I’m much happier, I no longer worry about having all the answers. I practice taking up space, having an opinion, being myself & letting go of the need for approval. My life feels fuller & happier & I feel less stressed.

The amazing thing is that my circumstances haven’t changed at all! I realise I am enough; I enjoy life more & I appreciate how important rest is! Friends & colleagues have commented on the difference in me!

I just want to say thank you Nicky, I feel like I’m finally getting to know myself & accept who I am, without fear of rejection. It has been such an incredible experience for me & you’ve given me so many tools to take forward. 

And you also get this Wellness Workshop as a bonus!

To support you better on your journey to learn how to become your best self, here is a bonus Wellness Workshop for you!

Calm Your Mind

In this online self-paced workshop you’ll learn how to rein in anxious thoughts to reduce their power over you.
Clare Harris
Northampton, UK
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I’ve achieved peace within myself, I’m learning to love myself for who I am today, I’ve realised that I’m important now & I don’t have to wait until I lose weight to love myself. I’ve learned that the past failures don’t matter, what matters is now & what I do moving forwards. If you’re struggling with anything, no matter how small or big the issue may seem, you have to get your mind on side before trying to change, otherwise the battle is half lost before you start.

We all think our problems aren’t resolvable, but once you untangle the fibres in your head and stop fighting with your mind, things get a whole lot easier very quickly. Message Nicky for a chat, she loves her work, she loves to help people and she genuinely wants people to succeed in life.

I don’t think I could have started or stuck to this newest journey without Nicky’s help in getting my mind to assist me rather than fight me. It is like she is a fairy godmother who came into my life to watch over me, waved her magic wand and helped me to completely change my mindset, so that me and my mind are working together as a team.
Elaine Delaney
County Dublin, Ireland
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I now feel like a different person! I have so much more belief in myself, so much so that I’ve booked onto a course to completely change my career! I would have never believed that this was possible before.

My mindset changed so much after just the first coaching session. Nicky is very easy to talk to, she really understood where I was coming from & she knew exactly what I needed to do to change the habitual way of thinking that was holding me back. She gave me the tools to be able to help myself and she was so supportive in the process.
Sarah Challender
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I'm literally shouting from the rooftops how much Nicky has helped me to manage the gremlins in my head!

Since working with Nicky I’m like a different person! I don’t spend my time reliving things or dwelling on them, & now I know how to stop any anxiety from snowballing. I’m nowhere near as short tempered because I feel like I have room to think and process things again. Now I can actually sleep, in fact I sleep SO much better.

Nicky made the process of addressing the issues really simple, she’s so easy to talk to that I really wish that I’d worked with her much sooner.
Becky Edwards
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I’ve benefited from us working together in many ways; I’m more confident in myself, I’m much more motivated and far less anxious - I use the methods that Nicky gave me to stop my thoughts escalating and as a result I’m able to control my emotions.

I would recommend working with Nicky in a heartbeat, if anyone is struggling with anxiety, lack of motivation, self esteem or confidence, or for anyone who is generally finding life a little too hectic.


Hi! I’m Nicky, your Mindset Transformation Coach.

I’m a recovered control freak! I support women to recognise why their habit of control is causing exhaustion & teach them how to relinquish it to create what they truly want in their life.

I’m privileged to have helped many women identify & release what’d been holding them back, sometimes for multiple decades. I’ve watched with delight as they’ve gone on to do things that they once believed were beyond them.

I’m a passionate advocate that if one person can do something, then we all can. I’m a personal growth devotee & committed to living a life of joy.

When I’m not supporting clients with incredible transformations, I can be found with my beloved horses, dog & cats.

I’m a true animal person & having not been able to realise my childhood dream of having my own pony, I’ve overcompensated as an adult & I have a herd of 4 horses & a pony!

I’m an amateur rider & I enjoy competing across a variety of disciplines with my wonderful horse Kiki.

Eva Schroeder
Bristol, UK
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I would highly recommend Nicky’s coaching to anyone who needs support finding more clarity within the chaos of their minds, their business AND life goals; and for anyone who needs support with cutting through the fog of life itself that so often clouds our vision and even worse, moving into unhealthy habits and mental patterns that don't serve us on our way towards our goals.

She has a fantastic way of shining a massive flashlight onto those dark areas to make them seem tiny and disappear altogether! Through working with Nicky I have made incremental and sustainable changes within my habits which I know will compound along the way.

Don’t fall for the myth ‘my life will be great when…’, you deserve to live the life that you desire right now!

Life is short & it’s easy to allow it to happen to us, working with me means you’re being intentional about what you really want & that’s the precursor to a life filled with joy.

Whether you want to be a great example to your children or you’re simply done with living a life that doesn’t fit you, once you see what’s possible for you, you’ll wonder why you ever settled for less.

You could stay living as you are now, wishing that things were different & be in the same place 12 months from now. Another year of your life the same as it is today.

OR you could say yes & become a VIP in your own life. You’ll be ready to finally release the urge to control everything & feel the true joy that comes with inner peace & emotional freedom. This is the precursor to create what you truly want in your life.

Your next best step is calling you, are you willing to take it? Your future self will thank you for it.

What you get in the VIP coaching package...


£ 3999 single payment
  • Fortnightly coaching sessions
  • A guided visualisation recording
  • Summary sheet from each coaching session


£ 1495 per month
  • Fortnightly coaching sessions
  • A guided visualisation recording
  • Summary sheet from each coaching session

Do you want the VIP EXTRA Experience?

If you want to get even more bespoke support & more access to me, you can upgrade to the VIP EXTRA experience.

You will get everything in the VIP coaching package outlined above PLUS…

  • Unlimited voice note or message support between coaching sessions for the duration of the coaching package. Value £3000



£ 5499 One time payment
Best Value


£ 2045 Monthly

Here’s how to get started:

Step 1 – Book your free clarification call, we will discuss what you’re looking to improve in your life

Step 2 – Click the Book Now button above to purchase your VIP or VIP EXTRA coaching package

Step 3 – You will receive a link to book your coaching sessions at a time convenient to you and we will get started on creating the life you want!

Have you got questions? Drop me an email on nicky@beyourbestyet.co.uk or Message me


Is it really possible for me to go from being stressed out & anxious to having inner peace & emotional freedom?

Absolutely! This was my reality too & for lots of my clients, prior to working with me.

What if I can’t change the things that are making me unhappy?

It’s rarely what’s actually happening that is causing you to feel unhappy, even though that’s what it feels like. It’s how you’re relating to what’s happening that causes the unwanted emotion. I’ll teach you how to change how you habitually respond to something unwanted & that will support you to feel good, regardless of the circumstances. This is where the real power lies.

I had some really hard things happen when I was younger & I feel like I’ll never get over them, can your work help me?

Yes! So much of how we behave is as a result of conditioning from our experiences when we were young. They served you then, but they prevent you from living a vibrant life today. That’s because they’re still present for you, in the way that you’re relating to them. The work I do enables you to safely release them & move forward to the life you truly desire to create for yourself.

I’ve only ever known a life where I put others’ needs before mine, I’m not sure that it’s possible for me to put myself first. My family needs me to be there for them or everything will fall apart.

This is a really common fear among women & you’ll absolutely be there for your family, in fact in the most beautiful way because you’ll be doing so from a place of authenticity, as opposed to feeling like you ‘should’.

Your family will benefit from you discovering how to feel peaceful, fulfilled & how to love yourself. You’ll also have more energy to enjoy your family once your own needs are truly met.

I’m worried that I won’t know who I am if this work changes so much about my personality.

Following this coaching program you’ll know yourself better than you ever have! The areas that we work on don’t change the essence of who you are, they enable you to rid yourself of unhelpful behaviours & responses that are causing you to believe that you’re anything other than amazing! This allows your authentic self to emerge, something that many people have resisted their whole life. You get to shed the bits that don’t serve you & breathe life into the best parts of you!