Are you ready to live the life you desire?

The VIP Package - the coaching package for women who are ready to live the life they desire

You’ve had enough of living a life that’s just ‘ok’, on paper you have a great life but somehow, being in the middle of it, it doesn’t feel that good. In fact it feels like you’re constantly chasing your tail and it’s exhausting.

You’ve spent so long making sure that everyone else is ok, but what about you? You look around you and you wonder ‘is this it?’. You see others who seem happier, more fulfilled and who have it sorted and you wonder how you got here.

When you reflect, you can’t recall when you last felt really fulfilled or even a quiet contentment about life. You had plans once, to live the life that you always dreamed of, but somehow that seems to have got lost along the way. As you look at your life today, you think to yourself that there must be more.

What if it doesn’t have to be this way?

You’re busy in a good way, you’re productive in achieving all that you want to. You feel joyful, light and carefree.

You’re happy and your family are too, you realise that it’s possible to have both and by focusing on you, everyone benefits. You’ve got so much more energy, you feel positive and excited about your future.

You’re putting yourself first without feeling guilty about it. You see things within reach that you were once convinced were impossible. You feel confident, motivated & in control of anything that comes your way.

You think, feel & are better than ever before! No longer hampered by a crisis of confidence, anxious thoughts, an ongoing low mood or feeling that you’re pushing so hard to keep everything together.

You’re clear on what’s important to you and you remain focused on those priorities, remaining calm and composed amidst things that would once have pushed your buttons.

You’re the best version of you and it feels amazing!

The VIP Coaching Package does just that!

I’m a Mindset Transformation Coach, I support women like you who feel dissatisfied, powerless or frustrated with any aspect(s) of their life.

You find those feelings negatively impacting other areas of your life, causing stress or low moods.

I help you identify what’s truly causing those feelings so we can take targeted action to improve them, you regain control to create a happier life that enhances your emotional and mental wellbeing.

As a result of The VIP Coaching Package you’ll:

  • Be clearer on what really matters to you & how to achieve it
  • Be free of overwhelm & focused on creating the life you desire
  • Have confidence in yourself to do all that you want to
  • Feel light, bright & energised to do things that once felt out of reach
  • Put you first & reap all of the benefits of doing so

The VIP Coaching Package

A 90 day 1-to-1 coaching package for women who are ready to put themselves first to become the best version of themselves.

The package includes:
  • Fortnightly coaching sessions, these are typically 90 minutes. We’ll get into what’s been going on for you and resolve what’s been holding you back. By the end of the coaching package you’ll feel light, bright & inspired to live the life you truly desire
  • A guided visualisation recording to aid relaxation and support your transformation
  • A summary sheet from each coaching session, allowing you to remain present during our coaching session, happy in the knowledge that all of the insights will be captured for you to review afterwards


£ 1999 single payment
  • Fortnightly coaching sessions
  • A guided visualisation recording
  • Summary sheet from each coaching session


£ 750 per month
  • Fortnightly coaching sessions
  • A guided visualisation recording
  • Summary sheet from each coaching session

Do you want the VIP EXTRA Experience?

If you want to get even more bespoke support & more access to me, you can upgrade to the VIP EXTRA experience.

You will get the coaching package outlined above PLUS…

  • Unlimited voice note or message support between coaching sessions for the duration of the coaching package. Value £1500



Save over £1000 by paying in full today!
£ 2750 One time payment
Best Value


Pay only £1000 to get access, and then 2 monthly payments of £1000
£ £1000 Monthly

Here’s how to get started:

Step 1 – Book your free clarification call, we will discuss what you’re looking to improve in your life

Step 2 – Click ‘BOOK NOW’ above to purchase your VIP or VIP EXTRA coaching package

Step 3 – You will receive a link to book your coaching sessions at a time convenient to you and we will get started on creating the life you want!

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