The Empowered Woman

From the outside, LIFE LOOKS GOOD.

From the outside,


But inside, you feel like


  • Wide awake at 3 am, knocking out emails because your mind just wouldn’t let you sleep.
  • Putting off your presentation by nibbling pastries in the breakroom (good-bye weight loss goal) and living on coffee.
  • Your daughter texts you with school struggles and you feel the mum guilt pile on
  • A late afternoon “We need to talk” from your boss has you heading for the loo for (another) silent cry
  • Terrified deep down that this life you’re living is as good as it’s going to get: Drowning under a million things you have to do and nothing that you want to.

It’s time you became


The Empowered Woman is the 16 week transformation that pulls you off the hamster wheel and puts you on the road to guilt-free, lovin’ life again.

“Before joining The Empowered Woman I was just going through the motions of life. I felt like life was passing me by. Things would upset me & I’d brood on them, lying awake at night, making up conversations. I felt like everything had slowed right down"

"As I progressed in the programme I noticed that I started to change; I became more peaceful in myself & then my family dynamics changed too; everything just got better, even the relationship between my partner & my son. Everything just started to flow."

"At work my mindset is totally different, I have so much more headspace, I’m a lot clearer & I’m benefitting from that hugely."

"I’m so much more at peace with myself & I no longer feel guilty if I don’t do something. I feel so different - it’s so refreshing!”

You’ve accomplished the goals you set for yourself. You should be proud! And you are…

But it seems like your boss keeps piling it on, you don’t feel connected to your kids, and your partner doesn’t support you like you wish they would.

Honestly, you’re all burned out with nothing left to give.

The Empowered Woman will show you how to end the burnout and build a life of freedom.

How to actually enjoy your life and say no to things that just don’t work for you.

And if you’re not sure what doesn’t work for you, we’ll pinpoint that, too.

Look, you have all the ambition in the world. But when’s the last time you sat back and truly enjoyed life?

Slowed down and did something you wanted to do?

When’s the last time you wanted to do something other than sleep?

The Empowered Woman isn’t another “Find Your Light” program that’ll sit unopened in a pile with the others.

It’s a deep down transformation that will bring less hassle and more joy!

The Empowered Woman contains 6 video modules that, when combined, help you build the foundations of a limitless life. Each module will walk you through exercises designed to help you see not only the world in a new way, but understand yourself..

You will also enjoy weekly coaching calls that gently guide you and provide accountability while your monthly group coaching calls will, what past participants call “‘do the heavy lifting for you and help eliminate years of subconscious junk”.

You’ll be invited to join The Empowered Woman online community where you have access to your coach to get support and inspiration and celebrate all your ah-has, wins, and try-agains.

The Empowered Woman Modules:


In Module 1, you’re going to meet you. Let’s be honest, when was the last time you sat down to really get to know YOU? So much of your energy and focus is on the next goal and everyone else, it’s easy to forget who you are and what you really want. And we can’t create an electric life without starting at the beginning: Who are YOU? You’ll be asked questions no one’s ever asked you before and the answers will reveal a woman who’s been quietly waiting to be asked.


Why does happiness always feel so fleeting? Why do we find ourselves *still* angry over that long-ago hurt? Why do we spend the first half of every shower practising what we *should* have said? Why does hitting that goal not make you happy? Why does life feel like an endless mountain with no top? In Module 2, we’ll discuss how to create genuine, lasting happiness, how to take the sting out of things not going our way, how to let go (thank you!), how to truly appreciate our wins, and how to end overthinking and energy drains.

So many participants report feeling like a new woman after this and it’s only Module 2!


Module 3 focuses on how to really live your life! You’ll uncover why crappy things seem to happen to you over and over (and over!). You’ll discover how to stop wishing things will be better “someday”. You’ll be able to end regret and better understand how you can orchestrate a life where you feel genuine peace.

After Module 3, you’ll be able to break the cycle of things you don’t want so you can make room for confidence, peace, and connection.


In this module, you’ll start building the foundations of an empowered life. You’ll be given the 4 Pillars of Empowerment (including the trick to falling back to sleep!). Once you incorporate these 4 Pillars, you’ll be able to:

  • Combat burnout and stop living off caffeine
  • Make better decisions with less stress
  • Switch off from “work mode” when it’s time to go home
  • Get your taste buds to actually crave nutritious foods
  • Eat well even when you don’t have time
  • Feel good in your body even if you hate to sweat

You’ll also discover:

  • The neon sign that you need to unplug for some serious relaxation
  • What you’re eating that’s draining your brain


Module 4 is going to show you how to feel like a whole new (empowered) woman.


Module 5 is magic. It will literally change how you see the world forever.

It is actually quite simple - but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. But it’s oh, so worth it.

In this module, you’ll master how to change your thoughts. Imagine not running over the same argument again and again. Imagine not getting down on yourself over and over. Imagine being able to turn off your brain so you can actually relax! Imagine avoiding burnout but still getting things done. And imagine being able to see your life clearly, and make the best decisions for you and your family.

You’ll be given a step by step map that takes you from where you are right now to happy calm grounded empowered in minutes.

That’s the power of Module 5: Mental Freedom!


Module 6 is all about living your life as an Empowered Woman.

In the first 5 modules, you’re discovering tools to create the life you want.
And in Module 6, we’re bringing everything together. Here’s where you identify where (or if) you’ve gone off track and how to pull yourself back into alignment. You’ll master navigating overwhelm so you stay within your comfort zone. You’ll also get the secret to put an end to nagging! Module 6 is about understanding that there will be bumps in life because; It’s life.
It’s about understanding how to maintain your power no matter what’s happening in life.

That’s truly the sign of an empowered woman.


Bonus 1

12 Month access to Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

This workshop will hand you the tools you need to become a powerful creator of the life you want. If your mind feels like it’s in a constant state of worry, overwhelm, and stress and you find yourself going over the same issues again and again, Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life can show you why this happens and also how to rewire your mind for less stress and more clarity. This is truly a year that will change the rest of your life.

Bonus 2

1:1 Coaching Session

Anyone who chooses to pay in full, will receive a private coaching session so you can go even deeper and get additional insight and care to guide you through your transformation.

The Empowered Woman is different from any other “‘change your life”’ program online. You will not be handed the secret formula to a fairy-filled, woo-woo life. Instead, you will be asked questions that will transform your world.

Do not sign up for The Empowered Woman unless you are ready to see everything differently. You will be asked questions you’ve never been asked before. With your coach by your side, you will dig deep for answers you never thought you’d be allowed to release. And you will meet yourself on new levels.

You wish the world would just slow down for a minute and let you breathe. The Empowered Woman will show you how to take a slow, deep, relaxing breath anytime you need it.

The secret to the life you’ve wanted is already in you. The Empowered Woman is simply the guide to get you there.

If you want to stop waiting for “someday” to finally enjoy life and want to start creating a life of meaning, you need to join The Empowered Woman now.

If you want to stop waiting for “someday” to finally enjoy life and want to start creating a life of meaning, you need to join The Empowered Woman now.

Even if you’ve tried meditating, even if you’ve filled a dozen journals, even if you’ve chanted with crystals in your bra, The Empowered Woman is the roadmap to discover the real you.

Back to genuine connections with your partner, back to feeling lovable, back to smashing it at work, and back to smiling at the woman in the mirror.

The Empowered Woman is the road back to you.

You can join The Empowered Woman today for just £775 a month.

Or you can save big by paying in full and joining for just  £2750.

How many times have you cried, “This isn’t what I signed up for!” How many times have you wished for the answer to life? How many times have you thought, “I’d pay someone to show me the secret to lasting happiness.”

This is your chance.

Want even more support on your journey?

Join The Empowered Woman as a VIP and get private, monthly coaching sessions to hold your hand through your own metamorphosis.

It’s your life – you deserve your own unique journey, your own unique map, and your own unique guidance. The Empowered Woman will hand it to you.

How do I join?

In order to ensure you get the attention your transformation deserves, The Empowered Woman isn’t open to everyone. Only 5 women are chosen each month.

If you want to join The Empowered Woman, click below to apply. You’ll be asked to fill out a short form and book a call with your coach, Nicky Pennie. You’ll be able to meet with her to ask any questions and to talk through whether this is the right step for you.

"Since completing The Empowered Woman programme, I feel so much lighter & freer! Before working with you I was in ‘beat myself up’ mode, but now I’m so much more content. I now completely understand that it’s about being disciplined in looking after myself & not beating myself up if I don’t always get it ‘right’."

"You’ve helped me absolutely no end - I’m amazed & delighted with how far I’ve come! I am feeling very confident, content & happy with where I’m going. You’ve given me the tools & the confidence to know I can do it on my own.”

Meet Your Coach

Hello there. I’m Nicky Pennie, a recovering high functioning, people pleasing, control freak. 

You probably know 30-something me:

  • Lovely husband ✅
  • Beautiful house ✅
  • Fancy job ✅
  • Big salary ✅
  • Great friends ✅
  • Overseas holidays ✅
  • Gorgeous car ✅
  • Stable of horses ✅
  • Secretly deep down afraid I was going to mess up and lose it all ✅

Yep. That was me; Suffocating under the weight of my own ambition. And I bet you know exactly how that feels: Guilt for not enjoying it enough, constant pressure to get to the next goal, afraid if you stop to smell the roses for one minute, it will all come tumbling down.

Once I dipped my toe in the I-have-every-reason-to-be-happy-and-I’m-not-oh-god-what’s-wrong-with-me pool, I realised there were a lot of other women who felt exactly the same: Got it goin’ on on the outside, crippling fear, guilt, and exhaustion inside.

I began to research my situation and discovered our minds are more powerful than we were ever told. They have the power to shape our lives and, if we know how to use them, reshape it into anything we’d like.

It took a lot of trial and error on my part (remember, I didn’t have a coach!) but eventually I cracked the code on why accomplished women so often suffer from unspoken unhappiness.

And now, I work with women just like you and help them ditch the exhaustion and guilt and reignite their fire for a passionate, freedom-filled life they truly love.

I’ve created The Empowered Woman for women who feel like life is passing them by. It’s a 4 month shift from wondering “Is this it?” to absolutely loving your life again.

Click below to apply and become an Empowered Woman.

“Looking back on that version of me who started the programme, I don’t even recognise her!

I felt unable to move forward!

I’ve overcome so much, put down the heavy things I never imagined I could. I’ve learnt so much about myself & become so much more accepting of myself & life! I’ve changed old patterns, learnt new skills and I’m embracing the tools you’ve given me - I could go on and on! Big changes have happened and actually I’m incredibly proud of myself.

This is only the start and I’m excited to see what’s still to come!

Thank you so much Nicky!! This has been life changing!”

Who Is This For

The Empowered Woman is for any woman who looks around and asks, “How did I get here?”. 

It’s for women who cry on the drive home from work.

Who say “Yes” to projects they hate doing

Who snap at their loved ones and then drown in guilt.

For women whose To Do list will never end and whose mind never shuts off.

For women who feel like they have to do it all and who feel like they’re living someone else’s life.

It’s for dreamers and doers who haven’t dreamt or done in a long time.

The Empowered Woman is for women who feel like their fire has gone out, who feel stuck in place, and who desperately want something different.

What, they’re not sure.

But definitely different!

If you’re ready for life to stop happening to you and want to create a life where you feel confident and free (with zero guilt!), apply to join The Empowered Woman.


“How much time does the programme require of me?”

If change were easy, you would have done it by now. The Empowered Woman is a simple, straightforward program. But simple doesn’t mean easy. This is a 16 week transformation.

During that time, I recommend 2-3 hours a week to go deep into this powerful work. 

Three hours a week can be broken down into very manageable pieces: Many clients listen to the modules while walking the dog, running errands, and a few even report listening in the shower (Hey, a girl needs her Me Time!). The content was developed to be easily digestible so you can listen in bite sized pieces and take the lessons one step at a time.

“How does it work?”

A better question would be: “How do *I* work?” because The Empowered Woman is only for women who are willing to do the work to make the change. 

The Empowered Woman was created to avoid the massive time sinks, boring videos, and bland workbooks of other programmes. Those are great to excite you on the dream but never hold you accountable. 

Women are chosen to join The Empowered Woman not just for their willingness to reshape their own lives, but to be part of The Empowered Woman community. 

You’ll be given access to everything you need so you can work at your pace, a time that suits you. 

You’ll have the community and weekly coaching call to check in with you and other women on their own empowerment journey in the community. You’ll be given specific assignments and opportunities for questions and check-ins so you feel supported and confident as you become the architect of your own life. 

In short, The Empowered Woman works as hard as you do.

“What do I need to bring to the table?”

The most important thing you need to bring to the table is the willingness to do the work. It’s easy to say, “I want that”. It’s hard to look in the mirror and say, “Here’s where I’m starting”. 

The women who are the most successful in this programme are the ones who are willing to look at themselves in a new way, try a technique that sounds unusual, listen to new ideas, and experiment with strategies. The work can be challenging, there will probably be tears, a few steps backwards, and maybe even some swearing. But the work is worth it. YOU are worth it. 

Bring an open heart to the table, and The Empowered Woman will give you everything else. 

In 4 months time, you could be tearing up after hours at work while your daughter cries that you missed her play and your partner asks if “you’ll be late again?”. Or you can join The Empowered Woman now and spend a Saturday at that figure drawing class you had your eye on and then do dinner with your girlfriends – with zero guilt.

It’s time to live life on your terms!

It’s time to live life on your terms!

Apply for The Empowered Woman now.

“The best way I can sum up what I’ve learnt from you is this:

There is another way & life doesn’t have to be so hard

Prior to joining The Empowered Woman life was hard; living in my head was hard, living in my past was hard, being me was really really hard! Feeling trapped & stuck was painful, draining & a horrible place to be. I felt worthless & powerless and you gave me a roadmap out of the cycle I’d been stuck in for years!

I’ve built trust in myself through the tools you gave me and I learnt to trust life, instead of my old pattern of thinking ‘why me?’. Now I trust my future, instead of living in fear, which I’d done for so long. Now I understand what happens within me that undermines what I want, so instead of going into frantic rush mode, getting nowhere & sapping my energy, I know how to recognise it & what to do to change it!

You’ve taught me to be aware of those patterns & what to do with them. I’ve learnt to trust myself, back myself & believe in myself, that energy is like nothing I’d ever experienced before!”


“So many aspects of my life have changed, how I relate to myself is the biggest one. You’re not just your average coach, you have a real deep understanding of psychology & how the mind works, which means you coach at a different level. That has enabled me to understand what’s been happening in my mind that had been holding me back my whole life!”


“Until I joined The Empowered Woman programme, I didn’t realise just how much I didn’t trust myself, this has been such a turning point for me. Trust is HUGE actually and I never knew just how much I could find comfort in myself. I always thought I’d have to turn to somebody else for that, but now I know I can trust me, my judgement and my approach to my life! Who knew?!

The things I’ve learnt from you are life changing, they’ve had a positive cascade into so many areas of my life. I have so much more headspace to focus on things that are important to me, which has meant I have a much calmer & more fulfilled life – thank you so much!”


“You’re such an insightful and inspirational coach, you’ve helped me understand myself on a deeper level. The Empowered Woman programme enabled me to break free from destructive behaviours and patterns and reclaim my power. I used to berate myself, I’d turn on myself for not being good enough, for never doing enough, but now I know I’m doing the best I can.

You’re incredibly intuitive and have helped me to see things I had no idea were there, that were keeping me stuck. I not only feel empowered, but grounded too. I’m so much clearer with my boundaries, I feel much more at peace in myself and my confidence has hugely increased in all areas of my life!

I’ve worked with coaches before, but none have come close to helping me transform the way I have since working with you! Thank you so much!”