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Be Your Best Yet

The Empowered Woman

Hi I'm Nicky!

The Empowered Woman is my signature group coaching programme that supports women like you, who are exhausted by their own ambition, to use your drive & ambition as a force to create a life that’s authentic & fulfilling, instead of the endless pursuit of external success that never quite hits the mark.

You’ll learn how you’ve been relating to yourself & life until now & how to harness your drive & ambition to support you, instead of feeling drained by constantly trying to prove your worth to yourself & everyone around you.

We’ll go deep into what’s happening within your mind with my proven method. This is how together we’ll identify where you’ve unknowingly been limiting yourself & I’ll teach you how to change that to create a life that’s authentic and fulfilling, instead of the endless pursuit of external success.

You’ll learn how you relate to yourself & everything around you & how to create lasting change within you as you become an Empowered Woman.

Are you a good fit?

You’re a good fit for The Empowered Woman programme if you want to live an accomplished & fulfilling life, without having to sacrifice your mental, physical or emotional health.

Perhaps you’ve already tried to make changes on your own, but you’ve struggled with the cycle of falling back into old habits. You’ve done an online course or 2, but they haven’t delivered what you hoped & you can’t seem to make lasting changes.

You’re ready to change aspects of your life to use your drive to create what you truly desire in your life & you want to be fully supported to succeed as you do so.

This transformational group coaching experiencing is 16 weeks & during that time with me you benefit from:

16 week programme

Video training modules with exercises and accountability

Weekly coaching calls with me

Monthly subconscious transformation calls with me

Private community of like minded women where you’re supported through this powerful journey

Curated time to integrate the learnings in this transformational programme

Hear what Louise has to say about her experiences inside the programme

Ready to see if you're the right fit for the Empowered Woman programme?

Learn more about the Empowered Woman programme in my FREE webinar The Superwoman Conundrum

What are you waiting for?

Your future self will thank you for taking this first step!