The Empowered Woman

My Group Coaching Experience, THE EMPOWERED WOMAN, is here!

If you’re reading this, then you’ve seen the Stop Settling, Start Living masterclass, spoken with me about your fit for the programme & you’re ready to take the next step.

The Empowered Woman is my Group Coaching Experience for women who are ready to leave overthinking, ignoring their own needs & not feeling good enough behind; & want to step into a life of confidence, surety & fulfilment.

During the programme you’ll learn all about how you’ve been relating to yourself & life until now & most importantly, how to change that, to create the incredible life that you really want.

We’ll go deep into what’s going on for you, identify where you’ve unknowingly been limiting yourself & I’ll teach you how to change that. You’ll learn how to become an Empowered Woman, when I show you how to create powerful & lasting change in how you relate to yourself & to life.

The Empowered Woman is a new group coaching experience, it is 16 weeks in duration & there will be the option to carry on deeper into this powerful work after the 16 weeks, should you wish to.

Perfect Fit

You are a perfect fit for The Empowered Woman if you want to change aspects of your life & you want to be fully supported to succeed as you do so. Perhaps you’ve tried to make changes on your own, but you’ve struggled with the cycle of falling back into old habits, or you’ve done an online course or 2, but they haven’t delivered what you hoped.



By teaching you how you’re currently unintentionally using your mind to create what you don’t want in your life & by changing that, using proven techniques, to empower you to create what you do want.

By combining the fortnightly modules, where I teach you all about common pitfalls that the mind does naturally (when left to its own devices) & how to navigate them, with monthly Subconscious Mindset Transformation calls.

You'll also walk away knowing

I'm guessing that you have some questions...

Where, When & What?

We’re starting in March, it’s not too late to make 2023 far better than 2022! 

I recommend allowing 2-3 hours a week, to get deeply enough into this powerful work.

You’ll have access to the private Facebook group with me and other members of The Empowered Woman. I’ll be in there daily, answering any questions that you have. No need to wait for the next call!

You’ll access all of the materials (modules, worksheets etc.) via an easy to use online portal.

There’s a live call with me every week. This is where I answer questions about the current module, see how you’re getting on & support you with anything else that’s come up. You’ll get plenty of time to get your questions answered. There’s also monthly Subconscious Transformation calls, where I’ll facilitate you on transformational journeys, that have profound & lasting results.

How Does It Work?

I only want to work with people who want to go deep into this incredibly powerful work, to make sustained & profound changes in their lives. I’m not letting anyone inside my programme who gets excited about the dream, but never implements what I teach to make the changes happen.

I’m choosing carefully who I work with as I build a community of women, who are committed to step into this powerful way of being.

I’m taking people into The Empowered Woman programme now and I’m inviting YOU to join.

This isn’t a ‘course’ where you need to find loads of time in your busy schedule and watch endless generic videos.

I give you what you need, in manageable sized modules, that you can work through when best suits you.

During our time together we’ll connect in the private group & on the calls, to discuss what’s going on for you, so you can put the work I teach you into action and report on your results.

Rather than me tell you what it’s like to work with me, read what my clients say:

“You are pure magic!”

“Prior to working with you I felt frustrated & stuck, I’d settled for & accepted what I had. I didn’t know that I could set boundaries & take up space, nor did I realise how exhausting it was to have a list of shoulds!”

“I was living my life for the good of others, I wasn’t prioritising myself at all, in fact I felt guilty & selfish for trying.”

“I no longer worry about having all the answers. I practice taking up space, having an opinion, being myself & letting go of the need for approval. My life feels fuller, happier & I feel less stressed.”

“I realise that I am enough, I enjoy life more & I now realise how important rest is! Friends & colleagues have commented on the difference in me.”

“I love how empowered I’ve become through our work. You’ve helped me to wake up & start living, instead of settling.”

Kerry Donoghue, Advanced Nurse Practitioner

How much time do I need?

You’ll need 2-3 hours per week to go deep into the work. The deeper you go, the greater the results you’ll have.

Groups thrive on contribution. When you are getting wins, I’d love you to share your success, so others can learn from you, the same way you can learn from them.

What do I need to bring to the table?

The commitment that you want to do the inner work to create the change(s) you desire. Together with a promise to yourself to do things differently than you ever have before.

A willingness to be vulnerable & to look at things that may have long been deeply buried & may be hard to revisit. I won’t ask you to share anything openly with the group that you don’t feel comfortable sharing. For the Mindset Transformation calls, it’s possible for you to follow my guidance & have the transformation, without sharing the specifics of the past experience. 

Will the programme work for me?

If you are committed to showing up & doing the work, yes it will!

I’ve supported many clients to transform their lives, across a diverse range of issues. This is powerful & it works AND I can’t do it for you.

To get the powerful transformations, you need to commit to do this for yourself, with my support.

Are there any bonuses?

By signing up, you will get free access to my Calm Your Mind Wellness Workshop

This Workshop teaches you proven techniques of how to deal with anxious thoughts & worries & reduce their power over you.

There’s also a pay in full bonus of a 1-to-1 coaching session with me at the start of the programme.

The main bonus and the promise is this – I will do everything I can to support you to create the changes that you desire. That may mean creating additional content in the portal to support you to go deeper into something, or spending more time on the calls to make sure the content has landed for you. I will do whatever it takes. Your side of the deal is to be open & committed to doing the work.

What's the investment?

If you’ve been settling, rather than living, then my hope is that you recognise you don’t want more of that for the rest of your life!

This may be hard to hear, but that’ll be your reality if you keep doing what you’ve been doing until now… Most people hugely underestimate the cost of staying where they are.

Are you really going to say no to taking the first step to creating the life you’ve always wanted to live?

Your investment to join The Empowered Woman is:

The Empowered Woman

16 week programme
£ 2500
  • Pay in Full
Best Value

The Empowered Woman

16 week programme
£ 695
  • 4 Monthly Payments

If you know that you want dedicated private 1-to-1 support in addition to the great content within the programme, then you can upgrade to the VIP option, where you get an additional 1-to-1 call monthly. This investment is:

The Empowered Woman VIP

16 week programme
£ 4175
  • Pay in Full
Best Value

The Empowered Woman VIP

16 week programme
£ 1120
  • 4 Monthly Payments

There will be the option to continue working with me after the 16 weeks, for those who want to stay on this powerful journey. 

Is there a guarantee?

If you need a guarantee before taking the leap, then you’re probably not right for The Empowered Woman. I want committed & motivated people who can follow & implement the programme content and aren’t looking for a way out before they begin. If you’re not serious about personal growth, then don’t invest. But if you are, then you’re going to see incredible changes in yourself & your life.

My approach works 100% of the time for 100% of people who implement 100% of it.

I am VERY confident that – if you put the work in it – you will get results. Previous results prove it.

The Empowered Woman: The fortnightly modules have been designed to educate & create awareness about the habitual patterns of the mind that are pre-programmed, until you learn why they don’t serve you & you choose to do things differently.

This content isn’t widely shared & on its own is enough to show you why all the things you’ve tried before haven’t resulted in the changes you want to make.

By understanding & implementing this content you get to become a powerful woman who chooses to live life on her terms, without leaving everyone around behind. For those who want to continue this powerful work, beyond the 16 weeks of The Empowered Woman programme, there is the opportunity to & I’ll share those details with you, as they become available.

How do I get a spot?

If you’ve read the above and feel you’re a good fit, click the button below to join;

Once that’s gone through, I’ll get you set up. It’s first come, first served & there are just 5 spaces….

Do something today that your future self will thank you for!

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