They chose to, do you?

Client Results

Sue & I worked together to address overthinking, improve her self belief & self worth:

"Since working with Nicky I am more relaxed, I’m putting myself first, I have an exercise plan in place & I’m losing weight. I’m also giving encouragement to others to do the same."

"During our coaching sessions Nicky is always bright & smiling, she’s a good listener & her habitual use of positive language has resulted in me feeling more positive. I see things differently now & I’ve learnt to recognise how the language I use has the ability to change how I feel in and about myself."

"I would recommend Nicky’s coaching to anyone who wants support in achieving their goals & who wants to develop a more positive outlook. Nicky is approachable, she listens to my concerns & since working together for just a couple of months I feel like I’ve known her for years!"
Sue Wood
Operations Manager - Yorkshire, UK

Kate contacted me to work on her confidence, worth & self esteem, having spent a long time recognising that she wanted to improve these areas, but having struggled to make breakthroughs on her own.

"I think if we understood how cumulative our futures are, no one would wait to talk to Nicky. We tend to realize the damage we do to ourselves only after an accumulation of evidence, and by then we've lost a great deal, yet we're still not necessarily the wiser for it."

"That's painful enough, but the very worst is then trying to change, and not being able to. When I first started talking to Nicky, I was at my wit's end with trying to "improve" myself. Nicky's combination of warmth, understanding, encouragement, and science-based tools have allowed me to achieve what I would have said a month ago was not possible - and I've only just started."

"These are transformative changes, across the board - mind, body, work, social stuff, and more. Nicky's expertise isn't some mute, imposing certificate on a wall next to a bookcase with plants - her expertise is from having been in the trench and gotten out. That's the only kind of expert I ever want to speak with again."

"Seriously, don't wait - if you're anything like me, you've suffered enough.
Get in touch with Nicky and get ready to start hurting a lot less, and living a lot more."
Kate Gannon
Illustrator - Vermont, USA

Becky was struggling with anxiety & a lack of confidence, which was impacting her energy & motivation levels.

"I was initially hesitant to reach out for support because it felt like quite a big step to talk about how I was feeling to anyone outside of close friends or immediate family. I felt bad that I couldn’t sort it out myself and one of the things with anxiety is that actually letting it out seemed like an impossible task."

"Since working with Nicky I’m like a different person! I don’t spend my time reliving things or dwelling on them, & now I know how to stop any anxiety from snowballing. I’m nowhere near as short tempered because I feel like I have room to think and process things again. Now I can actually sleep, in fact I sleep SO much better."

"Nicky made the process of addressing the issues really simple, she’s so easy to talk that I really wish that I’d worked with her much sooner."

"I’ve benefited from us working together in many ways; I’m more confident in myself, I’m much more motivated and far less anxious - I use the methods that Nicky gave me to stop my thoughts escalating and as a result I’m able to control my emotions."

"I would recommend working with Nicky in a heartbeat, if anyone is struggling with anxiety, lack of motivation, self esteem or confidence, or for anyone who is generally finding life a little too hectic."

"Since completing the Make Way for Calm Transformation Session I really do feel like a newer version of my old self!"
Becky Edwards
Freelance Groom - UK

Marion contacted me for support to help her live the life that she wants, that meant becoming more confident in making good life decisions & getting past the fear of making the wrong choice:

"I love the fact that Nicky is in France and I’m in America, yet working together was seamless! Nicky is both an expert coach AND an equestrian. The fact that she rides herself makes all the difference, because she understands the horse world & her HR background means that she knows horses & humans!"

"We initially communicated on Instagram, which felt easy & gave me the confidence to book the transformation session. By using the tools that Nicky gave me I’m able to see things more clearly now & I understand how to process things in a more helpful way. Rather than dwelling on things in the past, I can take the learnings from them & move on, I have found that very liberating!"

"I’d totally recommend Nicky’s services for any equestrians struggling with competition nerves, or for someone who wants to improve their riding mindset. I’ll be booking in for another session once I start competing."

"Nicky’s energy is so calming and grounding, our session really helped me to see more clearly, gain the confidence that I needed & to take the leap of faith I did to buy my first horse!"
Marion Devé
Marketing Specialist - Texas, USA

Elaine had been struggling with nerves before & during riding for quite a while before we worked together, after hearing about the Equestrian Excellence Transformation Session she signed up & here is what she had to say:

"Prior to working with Nicky I had some hesitation, I’d been trying to fix my riding nerves for a long time and I wasn’t sure if it would it help me. I’m so glad that I decided to try it because the difference I feel already, just 10 days after our session, is amazing!"

"I rode in the wind, which would usually send me into panic mode, but I handled it so calmly. I’m slowly pushing my comfort zone and I feel like I can now work towards bigger goals that I thought were never going to be possible for me."

The best thing about working with Nicky is that I felt like she really understood me & how hard it can be to move on from the kind of nerves I was struggling with. She was so approachable, and I felt at ease from the moment the session began.

"I now have the tools to help me manage any nerves before & during riding & putting them into practice has worked a treat. I had tried other things to improve my nerves before, they may have helped a small amount but for the first time now I feel like “this is it, I’m going to get through this now”."

"I am shocked at how quickly the work we did made a difference & it is getting better each day."
Elaine Delaney
Amateur Rider - Country Dublin, Ireland
Becky is an Amateur Eventer, we have been working together on an ongoing basis focusing on developing Becky’s positive mindset, both for training & competing.
"I warmed to Nicky as soon as we started communicating about me potentially working with her, and I’ve felt the difference with the horses, both for competing & training, since starting our coaching sessions."

"I had a double clear & was placed at a show on Leo & I’ve felt the difference in Barley in training since our session that focused on me riding more positively."

"Nicky’s very approachable & working with her is like having a cheerleader there for me, to keep me going & as someone to reach out to."

"We had a non-horsey session during lockdown, focusing on the work environment & an incident that happened on social media. It helped me to get perspective on the situation at a difficult time."

"I would recommend Nicky to fellow riders, especially those competing. She’s a rider too so she knows where people are coming from with the things that she has faced in her own riding experience."
Becky Wren
Amateur Event Rider - Dorset, UK

I supported Katina on improving her self-discipline, seeing things through and delivering on things that she’d committed to herself

"I am able to focus both on where I want to be and who I want to be now. I make better choices as a result of working with Nicky."
I know that I can make the changes that I want to and now I have the discipline so that I will. I have changed how I talk to myself and that is having positive practical results."

"The experience of working with Nicky was surprisingly simple. Her openness made it like a fun adventure for me, I felt that I was able to be open because she was in control and as a result I felt completely at ease."

"I’m now aware of where I had been holding myself back. I recognise the importance of how I see things and the language that I use to talk to myself, doing so in a constructive way makes things a whole lot easier to manage."

"I would highly recommend working with Nicky to anyone who has something that they want to solve. I had tried lots of ways to resolve this issue prior to working with Nicky, so for anyone else who has found themselves in this situation I would advise that they get in touch with her. She helped me to cut through the noise and see what I needed to do to move forward, after feeling like I’d been looking for a solution for a long time this was very refreshing and easier than I thought it would be."

"Nicky is down to earth and gets to the crux of the situation. She is empathetic and warm and balances this with being focused on delivering results to get a solution for her clients."
Katina Saoulli
Executive Director - Greece

Eva is a Yoga Instructor, she had been working to create an online site for her business and was struggling with maintaining focus to make it happen

"I needed support on getting momentum to work towards my goals and to be motivated to achieve them."

"Working with Nicky has helped me to gain the clarity that I needed and to stay focused, which is something that I've previously really struggled with."

"Nicky made me feel completely at ease, she helped me to make sense of the chaos in my mind and draw a line under the uncertainty that I’d been carrying around for so long. She really listened to me and read between the lines in a way that meant she was able to clearly reflect back to me exactly what I needed."

"She provided me with lots of tools and resources to take away that I'm implementing and practicing, which is so valuable. I came away from our sessions feeling confident and grounded within myself, knowing that I've got this and that I’ve made a huge step towards achieving my goals."

"I would highly recommend Nicky’s coaching to anyone who needs support finding more clarity within the chaos of their minds, their business AND life goals; and for anyone who needs support with cutting through the fog of life itself that so often clouds our vision and even worse, moving into unhealthy habits and mental patterns that don't serve us on our way towards our goals."

"She has a fantastic way of shining a massive flashlight onto those dark areas to make them seem tiny and disappear altogether! Through working with Nicky I have made incremental and sustainable changes within my habits which I know will compound along the way."
Eva Schroeder
Yoga Instructor - Bristol, UK

Grace is an amateur event rider, we worked together to address her mindset in relation to dressage. She had been struggling to ride dressage tests as well as she could ride at home as a direct result of a negative experience with an insensitive dressage judge 5 years earlier. Grace had worked with sports psychologists previously but had been unable to resolve the issue. You can hear all about it from her in the video below:

"Having tried to get past this problem before I didn’t know whether it would work but I now feel completely different going into a dressage test. I went from feeling extremely anxious and very unsure if I even wanted to go. However, after our session when I entered my next dressage class, I felt neutral, which is really good for me."

"On the competition day itself I felt very calm, prepared and ready to enjoy the day. Nicky has given me the ability to enjoy dressage again which is something that I didn’t believe was possible for me."

"I really enjoyed how calm friendly and understanding Nicky was to my situation. She made me feel completely at ease and raised my confidence levels that I would be able to get over my fears."

"In addition to helping with my dressage it has helped me to re-address some other fears in other areas of my life, and it has given me the confidence to try to face them. I would definitely recommend Nicky’s coaching, it has really helped me and I think it could help so many other people."

"I love the fact I no longer have fear holding me back in dressage."
Grace Shayler
Event Rider - Oxfordshire, UK

Madeleine was struggling with exam pressure, she had done the work but when she sat down for an exam her mind went blank and she was unable to commit her learnings to paper. This resulted in her averaging 45% in exams, as it was her final year at school it was clear that she needed some help dealing with exam stress or she would risk failing her final exams.

"Since I had my session with Nicky I have become a lot calmer in stressful situations and I am able to concentrate better. My exam results have increased from 45% to 80%."

"She creates a very trusting environment and as a result I was able to share what was worrying me without feeling self conscious. Following our coaching session I am much more focused on what I need to do to give me the best chance of performing well in exams."

"I would definitely recommend that anyone who is struggling with exam stress or pressure should work with Nicky."
Madeleine Smet
Student - St Bonnet de Bellac, France

Working with Nikki we resolved her anxiety, specifically in relation to a sensitive work situation that had been ongoing for some time.

"The best thing about working with Nicky is that her strategies really did work. She quickly put me at ease with her very friendly manner."

"In addition to the coaching session, Nicky gave me exercises to do prior to a meeting that I was worried about and these, together with the work that we did in the coaching session, resulted in me feeling more prepared and a lot less anxious. The strategies made sense and were easy to do & I was able to hold myself together A LOT better than I had in previous similar meetings, which was a big deal for me. The strategies enabled me to think more clearly during the meeting, without letting anxiety cloud my thought process. I will definitely be using these strategies in other situations in the future."

"Nicky is a good listener, she took the time to get to know me and to fully understand the situation. She is confident in the success of the techniques that she used, which helped me to believe that things could get better. I have been learning how to change my mindset through reading books but it’s great to come across someone who coaches improving mindset on a 1 to 1 basis. I wish that I had got in touch with Nicky sooner!"
Nikki Sinclair
Teacher - Perth, Scotland

Emily is an amateur event rider, we work together on an ongoing basis, we have focused on developing a strong mindset in relation to the show jumping phase of Eventing.

"Being completely honest I had some initial hesitations about mindset coaching. I think this stemmed from me not fully understanding it, that caused me to doubt whether it would actually work for me."

"Working with Nicky has totally changed my view. She has helped me to achieve things by changing the way that I think. I would 100% recommend her and her services to anyone and everyone. I really believe that changing your mindset plays such a big part in daily life, not just for competitions, and I really don’t think people realise that."

"Nicky is incredibly easy to talk to, she explains everything really clearly, which meant that I never felt rushed, or silly, for asking questions if didn’t fully understand something."

"Since working with Nicky I am now aware of my thoughts and feelings, I can understand them and I’m able to change them when they’re not helpful. Some simple changes really made a huge difference to my mindset, especially when I was getting ready for a competition, during my warm up and in planning my final thoughts before entering the ring."

"The coaching sessions have also helped me in my day to day life. The work that we’ve done together has made me deal with certain situations so much better, in particular where a situation is beyond my control; before I would have been frustrated and blamed myself."

"Nicky is passionate about coaching and is genuinely interested in helping people. I want to finish by saying a huge thank you for your support over the past few months, it really has helped me so much."
Emily Dunstan
Event Rider - Cornwall, England

Phoebe was struggling with a forthcoming school swimming assessment. It involved swimming underwater for a defined period, she was panicking in the water & had anxiety about it days before she went to the pool.

"Before the session I would often find myself thinking about when I would be at the pool. It made me tense,I panicked and felt trapped, even though I wasn't at the pool. Since the coaching session with Nicky I feel so much better. I have been swimming since our session and it has gone really well. I don't find myself worrying about it before I go and when I get to the pool I still feel calm. The feeling of being trapped has gone, I feel like I can do it and that I'm strong enough to get through it. I have been back to the pool with school since the coaching session and that went really well, before I would just feel overwhelmed and all I wanted to do was leave"

"I am truly amazed with how much better I feel now thanks to Nicky"
Phoebe McKenna
Student, St Remy en Montmorillon, France