The Top 3 Riding Mindset Tips for Success for any Rider

For riders that aren’t getting the results they want, those who want to improve their riding, competitive amateur riders & riders who just want to have more fun with their horse.

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In This Video I Will Show You...

  • How to get the most from each ride.
  • How the mind works & its importance in riding.
  • How to achieve what you want in your riding.
  • Discover how to have more fun in the saddle.
  • The best techniques to strengthen your bond with your horse.

Meet your host

Hi fellow rider, I’m Nicky

If you’re an amateur rider who’d like more from your horsey time, then you’re absolutely in the right place.

I’m a Mindset Transformation Coach, an amateur rider, an eventing geek, & a firm believer that having horses should be fun!

Having gone from being scared to show jump 85cm, I conquered my riding demons & went on to compete internationally at 1m15, as well as start eventing successfully on a horse who’d never set foot in a start box. I did this by honing my riding mindset, using the tools that you’ll learn in this video to develop a robust riding mindset.

Through the work I do I help riders to get beyond what’s holding them back; riding nerves, anxiety, previous bad experiences; to live the horsey life that they really want to.

The difference between average riders & great riders is what happens in the mind. I support riders to use their mind to their advantage & create what they want in their horsey life.

Having horses can be an expensive hobby, my mission is to help riders to enjoy their horsey time & do the things that they’ve always dreamed of. Whether that’s going for a lovely hack, getting started competing, stepping up a level or simply finding their perfect equine partner.



Do something today that your horse & your future self will thank you for.

You’ll be subscribed to my newsletter. You can unsubscribe any time.