Monthly Mindset Maintenance Coaching Sessions (existing clients only)*

To support existing clients who would like to benefit from ongoing support, my Monthly Mindset Maintenance Sessions are the perfect way to keep you on track & feeling great:

Single session

£ 149 per session
  • 1 x Mindset Maintenance coaching session
  • One-off payment

3 x monthly sessions

£ 133 per session
  • 3 x Mindset Maintenance coaching sessions
  • Pay monthly

6 x monthly sessions

£ 129 per session
  • 6 x Mindset Maintenance coaching sessions
  • Pay monthly
You can choose to sign up for a number of monthly sessions to keep you on track, like you might with a personal trainer, but for your mind. Or you can book single sessions for whenever you feel like you need to check in, to stay on track, or to get you feeling great again.
Subscriptions – When you sign up for a 3 or 6 month subscription you will receive an email with a link to book your first Mindset Maintenance Session.  Each month, once your payment is taken, you will receive a further email with a new link to book your next session.

*Monthly Mindset Maintenance coaching sessions are for existing clients only, they’re available to clients who have completed a Transformation Session (Make Way for Calm/Confidence) or a Monthly Package. Clients who have completed an Equestrian Excellence Transformation Session will be invited to join my Equestrian Excellence Progressive Program, where they can benefit from ongoing coaching support.