Banish Them And Make Way For Calm

You go about your day, doing what you need to, your mind is busy juggling your priorities and then it comes out of nowhere, that feeling of dread washes over you. That thing that brings you down pops into your mind.

It might be a situation at work or home, an issue with a partner or family member, a reoccurring disagreement that you can’t quite get past. A colleague that you just don’t get on with, a family member who makes you feel bad, or guilty about something that happened long ago. 

Whatever it is, it’s ever-present in your mind and it’s not a welcome visitor.

You find yourself going over it in your mind, even when the situation or person isn’t around, and it makes you feel upset, stressed or low.

It brings with it a sense of unrest or turmoil that takes away your enjoyment of time spent with your family and friends, because it’s always at the back of your mind. You think about it if you wake up in the night and you think you’re the only person who feels like this, because others seem so carefree.

You would love to be able to resolve it, or leave it in the past, so that you could move on with your life. You’re tired of your mind wandering and being filled with that feeling of dread, you wish that you could get back to a time when you were relaxed and carefree, but that feels impossible.

What if it doesn’t have to be this way?

You’re free from that sense of overwhelm and you start to see greater possibilities. You can be fully present again and become immersed in the things that you enjoy.

You have energy once more, you have the headspace to think clearly, you feel renewed and happier for it. You start to think about what’s possible for the future. You can think of the issue and be unaffected by it, now it’s resolved in a way that you never thought would be possible. 

You feel lighter and brighter. You can fully enjoy things again, as you’re liberated from those negative thoughts. Your mind is strong and as a result you’re a better version of yourself. You have taken back control of your thoughts and your life and it feels amazing!

Your new sense of clarity gives you a positive mindset to enhance other areas of your life. You’re in control and using your new skills to awesome effect!

The Make Way for Calm coaching package does just that.

I’m a Mindset Transformation Coach, I help women like you, who find feelings negatively impacting other areas of their life, causing upset, stress or low moods.

I help clients identify what’s truly causing those feelings, so they can take targeted action to improve them, they regain control to create a happier life that enhances their emotional and mental wellbeing.

As a result of working with me you’ll be rid of what’s been holding you back, you’ll feel lighter about life and your mind will be freed up to focus on what matters.

No longer affected by what used to stress you out or make you feel low, imagine how much better you’ll feel.

When we’re done with the Make Way for Calm package, you will:

The Make Way for Calm package includes:

You’ll finally be rid of what’s been taking away your joy and be free to focus on what’s important to you.


£ 749
  • Make Way for Calm Transformation Sessions x2
  • Improve Your Life Summary Sheets
  • Life Improvement Check-In Call

Here's how to get started:

Step 1 – Book your Make Way for Calm transformation package at a time convenient for you.

Step 2 – Complete your information and the Let’s Get Started form, which tells me what you need support with.

Step 3 – You will receive confirmation of your appointment and payment.

Step 4 – In the coaching sessions we’ll resolve that thing that’s been holding you back. 

Have you got questions? Drop me an email on [email protected] or Message me

Here’s a sample of some of my client’s results: