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Be Your Best Yet

Welcome to the equestrian section of Be Your Best Yet Empowerment Coaching!

If you’re a fellow horse lover then you’re in the right place!

I’ve loved horses for as long as I can remember & that love is why I’ve built my life around them.

How I support riders is quite different to the average ‘Mindset’ Coach.

I can help you with all of the usual things that riders struggle with, i.e. nerves, confidence, how to step up a level without the drama. My work goes a lot deeper than those tips & techniques to navigate whatever you’re struggling with.

People who’ve worked with other Mindset Coaches often report feeling ok for a while, but that the change they are seeking doesn’t last & they ultimately find themselves struggling with the same issues again, once they’re no longer supported by the coach. I know exactly why that happens & it’s why my work is different.

My goal is for you to be independent, during & after we’ve worked together.

If you struggle with riding confidence, like I did, it’s unlikely that it’s the only part of your life where you’re lacking confidence .

The reason is because you are one person & rarely is anyone vastly different in one area of life to another.

If you‘re nervous, or lack confidence as a rider, then see if you can spot any correlations with how you feel at work, in relationships, your social life, or any other area of your life.

You might have become aware of it in your riding, but it’s probably not the only area that it shows up.

I’ve had many clients come to me for support with confidence, nerves, or wanting to step up a level & what we discover in our work together is that what’s causing them to feel how they do goes far deeper than riding.

This is the nature of the human mind, we’re complex beings. What’s showing up as a lack of riding confidence is often actually an indicator of a deeper held belief of inadequacy, a lack of self worth or a limiting belief that you’re not good enough in some way.

This is why my work is different. I work with clients at a deeper level to identify those beliefs & change them. The symptom is a lack of confidence, nerves or anxiety relating to riding, but the cause is far deeper.

To make sustainable changes it’s this cause that needs addressing. Without that, any changes you make don’t last; they can’t last because you haven’t addressed the root cause, which is the key part of making fundamental & sustainable changes in how your mind works. This is why my work is different & it’s how I support clients to achieve great & lasting results.

How to be supported by me

Supercharge Your Riding
My Online Masterclass

This is a great way to get started with understanding your riding mindset.

See the results that people achieve with this powerful Masterclass

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I have to give a big thank you to Nicky as the masterclass has really changed my outlook and mindset for riding. In the past I spent all of my time and energy worrying about what could go wrong and all the worst case scenarios. But after taking the masterclass & learning about how I think & feel & using the tools within the masterclass, I honestly feel like a totally different person.
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I just wanted to send a message to say thank you! I did the Supercharge Your Riding Confidence Masterclass and I honestly can't believe how different I feel. 8 months ago I was absolutely terrified to get back on a horse after a fall 5 or so years ago. In those 8 months I've been quite scared before each lesson, but this week after completing the masterclass I jumped 105cm in my lesson. I'm still in a bit of shock at the change in my confidence and I'm super chuffed with myself. So thank you
I want to add that it’s not just my riding, it’s also made me feel a lot more positive & confident in other areas of my life like work so it was 100% worth it.
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I’ve just finished Supercharge Your Riding Confidence Masterclass and I absolutely love it! There are so many good things in it that blew my mind! I watched most of the sections twice because I was like ‘wow, I need to hear that again’. I know I’m going to go through it again & again because the content is so good! I really like the visualisation and will definitely be doing that regularly. The content isn’t just invaluable for riding, but for all aspects of life.
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I completed the Supercharge Your Riding Confidence Masterclass and it really had a positive impact on my mental preparation for eventing! I came across Nicky after she sent me some kind words/positive mindset tips on Instagram which helped. The Masterclass really helped me to visualise my goal, which was to complete my first ever BE event, and we went round successfully! Don’t get me wrong, the nerves were still there, but I was able to keep on top of them by visualising and riding the course ‘in my head’ many many times! By the time it came for us to go round there was no other option but to go round clear, it just wasn’t in my mindset to not! There was a particularly ‘beefy’ fence that I was particularly nervous about, but it rode exactly as it did in my head!
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The Masterclass has helped me to re-evaluate my mindset, allowing me to push through my own beliefs on my ability & make me more driven to go for what I want! I was my own worst enemy but I am now changing that, I can’t thank you enough for this Masterclass!
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Just a little note to say thank you, I’ve now completed the Masterclass & today I got on my gorgeous boy & went for a hack. I live on a Bodmin Moor & grass can be a little scary, but I used the techniques & embraced my nerves, we even had a little canter – whoop! I recognised that I’d been talking negatively to myself but stopped it in its tracks! We’re making new memories to draw on now thanks to these new tools I have in my toolbox.

The Empowered Woman group coaching programme

In this 16 week programme you’ll discover your deeply held beliefs that are holding you back in your riding & in your life. You’ll learn how to transcend them to create confidence, freedom & clarity that you didn’t previously know was possible. The difference this make in your riding & all other areas of your is often described by clients as ‘magical’!

One-to-One Coaching

If you’re ready to go all in to get underneath what’s been holding you back then my 1-to-1 coaching is for you.

My equestrian journey – I was that pony-mad child that’d do anything to be near horses but was never able to have a pony of my own. I bought my own horse when I was 30 & to say that it didn’t live up to what I’d imagined would be a vast understatement! It was the classic case of green horse/green owner & our first few years together were a lot more stress than fun.

I spent years trying to help Bella overcome her many issues, whilst dealing with plenty of my own. In 2016 I loaned a wonderful horse who’d been there & got the t-shirt. On hearing of his past successes, I dreamed of being overrun with rosettes & yet the reality was that I was paralysed by fear! I refused to accept that this was my reality & that tenacity to beat the fear was the start of my journey into discovering what was possible for me when I used my mind to create what I wanted. This was my first step into this powerful work.

I went on a quest to banish my debilitating competition nerves & it was the start of the most incredible journey. I went from being extremely nervous jumping 65cm to entering an international show & competing at 1m15. This was the start of my mindset journey & it led me to create this business & to do this work that I was born to do.

Since creating an empowered mindset I’ve gone on to have more fun with my horses than ever before, I’ve done things I never dreamed I would, with horses I would once have thought I wasn’t good enough for!

If you’re ready to rewrite your own equestrian story then book a free clarity call today to discuss how I can support you.

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