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Warning: This program is not for you if…

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Can you imagine what it would be like when...

I know what you’re thinking...

That sounds great, but it’s just not possible. You’d love for it to be different, but it’s harder for you.

Things just don’t come easily, your horse is tricky, you struggle & have to manage things in a particular way for both of you, before you can even think about riding or having a nice day together.

You’ve read the books, you’ve tried exercises from YouTube tutorials, you’ve tried affirmations, sought advice from friends & those more experienced than you & it just hasn’t worked.

This isn’t your fault, things that worked for others didn’t work for me either, that doesn’t make us wrong, it just means we need something different.

I get it. I really, really do.

I used to be where you are right now...

I used to dream about having fun with my horse, for it to be easy, maybe do some competing.

Everything felt hard though, my horse was stressy, to ride & to handle, let alone to take anywhere new!

If I even thought about doing anything competitive I was gripped with nerves & I ‘knew’ that I wasn’t good enough.

Then one day I quietly decided that I wanted to compete, more than I’d allowed myself to think about before. I watched others do it & although I felt that it was easier for them than it would be for me, there was a part of me that wanted to give it a go anyway.

Once I was honest with myself I took steps towards starting competing. It was scary but the initial decision was the hardest bit. That was a number of years ago & now competing is a huge part of my life!

It wasn’t a linear process of going from being a nervous rider to being so assured, but once I nailed what was holding me back there was no stopping me. I went from feeling sick at the thought of jumping 85cm at home to competing at 1m15 confidently & jumping far bigger in training.

‘It’s not about the size of the fences’ my coach would always tell me, once I got my mind onside I finally understood what she meant – until then I felt like it was easy for her to say that, when she was regularly jumping 1m45!

It’s not just about competing either, it’s about how I feel in myself as a horse person, in fact as a person in general! Before, I viewed myself as someone who couldn’t do what she wanted to with her horse, in the way that others did. By changing my mindset around my horsey life I’ve changed my mindset about my life in general & as a result everything is so much easier.

If I want to do something with my horse then I will, because I want to & without worry of what others might think or say. I trust my judgement about what’s right for us & I do so with a confidence & a surety that I didn’t know was possible, I thought I was destined to be someone who had horses & didn’t do much with them, it wasn’t what I wanted but it was what I thought I was destined for.

Once I decided not to settle for that everything changed & I hardly recognise that version of me now.

Whatever you’re settling for right now absolutely doesn’t need to be your limit. It was possible for me to change my reality it’s 100% possible for you too!

"Nicky provides a very calm and safe environment where I feel comfortable to confide and share what’s on my mind.

Since I’ve been working with Nicky I am much more positive. When I come across a bump in the road I no longer let it negatively influence the rest of my day or week. I’m able to move past it and look ahead to what's coming, rather than letting what has happened affect my mood or impact my mindset. I now instinctively look to find the positive aspects in a situation, rather than focusing on the unpleasant aspects.

Following our work I experience much less stress and anxiety. Nicky has given me the tools to shift my mind away from things that can increase anxiety and instead focus on ways to solve problems & therefore I’m not caught up with wondering 'what may be'.

I believe that anyone could benefit from Nicky’s coaching, there doesn’t need to be anything ‘wrong’, coaching helps you to create the best environment in which to grow & excel.

She shares tools which are like first-aid but for the mind, hopefully you don’t need them but they’re always available in case of an emergency!
Charlotte Smet
Show Jumper & Young Horse Producer - Middelkerke, Belgium
I was apprehensive about spending money for coaching on myself initially; having now felt the results though, I’m so glad that I did.

I have competed since having my Equestrian Excellence coaching with Nicky and my approach to the whole event was very different. I was calm, I addressed my nerves and used the tools that Nicky taught me on how to manage these. I had a successful outing and achieved what I set out to do.

Equestrian Excellence highlighted some major areas of doubt in other aspects of my life, which made me start to question why. I decided to work with Nicky further on a non-equestrian basis, for the greater good of my wellbeing, to address previously hidden feelings that were holding me back.

I felt completely at ease with Nicky, I shared thoughts that I had hidden deeply away, that even I was frightened to hear. I developed trust in Nicky very quickly, which enabled me to open up about what I was feeling.

I'm literally shouting from the rooftops how much Nicky has helped me to manage my competition nerves, as well as the gremlins in my head!

In my latest lesson I’d moved on so much with my mindset & I have so much more belief in my capabilities as a rider as a result of addressing multiple areas of my mindset with Nicky’s help.
Sarah Challender
Social Care Assessor - Cheshire, UK

Equestrian Excellence

A 90 day bespoke 1-to-1 coaching program that supports you to achieve what you desire in your equestrian world, with your riding & your horse.

We’ll work together 1-on-1 to get underneath what’s been holding you back until now, we’ll resolve those issues that have been hanging around, decide what you really want to do & make a plan to make it happen!

You’ll have fortnightly live online coaching sessions, so that you’re supported the whole way to achieve exactly what you want to.

Equestrian Excellence is for riders who want to get more from their time with their horse, whether that’s competing or not. Strengthening your bond with your horse has a profound impact on your partnership. This matters because equestrianism can be expensive & if you’re not enjoying your time together, then it can be a thankless pastime.

I have a small number of 1-to-1 coaching spaces available, they go fast though, so don’t hang around!

My coaching is 100% bespoke to your personal circumstances. Whatever has gone before we can address, which is what makes it possible for you to have incredible breakthroughs like you’ve never experienced before!

The areas that we’ll cover in your Equestrian Excellence coaching package are...

The Deep Desire Blueprint

The Real Reflection Mirror

The Power of the Present Checklist

All Action Strategy

Design Your Future Blueprint

"I worked with Nicky to manage my nerves & increase my confidence for jumping.

Before signing up I was hesitant about whether it would work for me. Since our coaching I have had 2 great jumping lessons & I have entered a jumping competition.

I can happily say that I now have confidence in my own ability & I have become more self aware since working with Nicky. I really valued the coaching experience, it allowed me the time to consider how I think & feel, which has given me greater awareness in other areas of my life.

It’s been so beneficial. I am now able to consider my thoughts and reframe them, so that I have a positive outlook, which has reduced the anxiety and nerves that I was previously experiencing."
Becky Spurrell
Professional Lead for Social Work - Cheshire, UK
"I’d tried to work through the issues I was experiencing on my own, believing that I could resolve them myself. I realised that wasn’t working & so I reached out to Nicky for support.

Through the work I did with Nicky I’ve been able to separate some unfortunate life experiences that impacted my confidence & my work with horses, allowing me to continue training my horses with more clarity & without doubting myself.

Nicky’s approach put me at ease & the fact that she’s a fellow equestrian meant that it felt easy to share what I was experiencing, without needing to explain anything horsey.

Prior to working with Nicky I knew that it’s helpful to focus on positive previous experiences, I just hadn’t been able to practice it. Since our coaching session I do that instantly now, which keeps me focused on what I’m working on.

I’d recommend working with Nicky to anyone seeking support with removing barriers in their mind, increasing confidence or getting a clearer perspective on something."
Dawn Norris
Riding Coach & Horse Trainer - Isle of Wight, UK

And you also get this awesome bonus!

To support you better on your journey to become the rider & horse person that you’ve always wanted to be, here is a fabulous bonus when you pay in full!  


Hi! I’m Nicky, your Mindset Transformation Coach.

I help amateur riders who want to progress in their riding & horsey life, so they can access all possibilities available to them through transforming their mindset.

I went from living a wholly underwhelming horsey life, where I was too nervous & self conscious to do anything, to living my absolute best life, where I’m having the most fun with my amazing mare Kiki. We event, show jump, do dressage, as well as plenty of hacking, fun rides & generally enjoying ourselves. 

Kiki is talented & beautiful & an old version of me would have thought that she was too good for me! 


I got past my demons to be able to truly live my best horsey life & I’m passionate about helping you to do the same. Horses are incredible, yet owning them can be an expensive way to be miserable. I’ll support you to bring joy to your horsey life.

When I’m not riding or coaching clients, I can be found with our dogs & cats, or my other horses. I have a very understanding husband who thankfully embraces the animal madness!

Don’t wait for ‘the right time’ to enjoy your horsey time!

Have more fun than you ever imagined, making plans & memories with your horse that will last a lifetime.

Create what you truly want in your horsey life, no longer held back by doubts, worries or not feeling good enough. Feel confident & assured in making plans, knowing that it’s all possible.

You could stay stuck, wishing things were different & be in the same place 6 months from now, when it will be an even bigger deal to move past what’s holding you back.

OR you could say yes to Equestrian Excellence & go from feeling inadequate & scared of being judged, to feeling calm, assured & excited to get cracking with the horsey plans you’ve always wanted to make! 

"I was initially hesitant to reach out for support because it felt like quite a big step to talk about how I was feeling to anyone outside of close friends or immediate family. I felt bad that I couldn’t sort it out myself and one of the things with anxiety is that actually letting it out seemed like an impossible task.

Since working with Nicky I’m like a different person! I don’t spend my time reliving things or dwelling on them, & now I know how to stop any anxiety from snowballing. I’m nowhere near as short tempered because I feel like I have room to think and process things again. Now I can actually sleep, in fact I sleep SO much better.

Nicky made the process of addressing the issues really simple, she’s so easy to talk that I really wish that I’d worked with her much sooner.

I’ve benefited from us working together in many ways; I’m more confident in myself, I’m much more motivated and far less anxious - I use the methods that Nicky gave me to stop my thoughts escalating and as a result I’m able to control my emotions.

I would recommend working with Nicky in a heartbeat, if anyone is struggling with anxiety, lack of motivation, self esteem or confidence, or for anyone who is generally finding life a little too hectic.

Since working with Nicky I really do feel like a newer version of my old self!"
Becky Edwards
Freelance Groom - UK
"Prior to working with Nicky I had some hesitation, I’d been trying to fix my riding nerves for a long time and I wasn’t sure if it would it help me. I’m so glad that I decided to try it because the difference I feel already, just 10 days after our session, is amazing!

I rode in the wind, which would usually send me into panic mode, but I handled it so calmly. I’m slowly pushing my comfort zone and I feel like I can now work towards bigger goals that I thought were never going to be possible for me.

The best thing about working with Nicky is that I felt like she really understood me & how hard it can be to move on from the kind of nerves I was struggling with. She was so approachable, and I felt at ease from the moment the session began.

I now have the tools to help me manage any nerves before & during riding & putting them into practice has worked a treat. I had tried other things to improve my nerves before, they may have helped a small amount but for the first time now I feel like “this is it, I’m going to get through this now.

I am shocked at how quickly the work we did made a difference & it is getting better each day."
Elaine Delaney
Account Coordinator - County Dublin, Ireland

Your next best step is calling you, are you willing to take it? Your horse will thank you for it.

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  • I’m a nervous rider & I always have been, how is it possible that I can become confident? I will work with you to resolve those nerves & you’ll feel more assured than you ever thought possible!
  • Why is mindset so critical to riding success? It’s the thing that can make the biggest difference & it’s hugely underestimated. When you are using your mind intentionally (which I teach you to do) the sky’s the limit!
  • Can I get past the bad experience that I had years ago that always seems to raise its head whenever I experience a similar situation? Yes you can!
  • Is it really possible for me to feel confident competing, even though I’ve always struggled with nerves? Yes it is!

The Supercharge Your Riding Masterclass

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