Become the best rider you can be!

You wish that you were more confident in your riding, that you knew how to get your horse going well, that you didn’t worry about every little thing, even before you’ve got on board.

You’ve seen others who seem to find it easy & you wish that was you. You want to feel like you’re good enough for your horse & that you looked forward to your time together, without worrying whether someone else could ride them better than you do. 

Maybe you had a fall, or a scary experience and now your nerves are shot before you’ve even tacked up. Maybe you don’t even know why you feel like you do, but you’re not enjoying it like you used to, or in the way that you think you’re supposed to.

Or you’re actually doing pretty well but you want to aim even higher! You want to get yourself in the best place in your mind to ride as well as you possibly can, so you and your horse can have fun together & fulfill your partnership’s potential.

What if it was easier than you thought to improve your riding mindset?

You’re feeling confident in your ability to ride well & bring out the best in your horse. You have a plan of how to ride positively & you know how to minimise those unhelpful nerves.

You’re enjoying your horse without a care for the thoughts of others, you’re in a bubble together having fun & doing what you’ve always wanted to do.

You feel happy & excited about your time together. You’re ready to go out and show yourselves off to the best of your ability. You’re proud to show off the work that you’ve put in to improve your riding & the positive impact it’s having on your horse.

You’re competition ready & feel confident about giving it your best. You’re prepared, calm & feeling in control. You’re excited to get out there & have lots of fun with your horsey partner.

Do any of these sound familiar?
  • You’ve started to find excuses why you can’t ride because you’re just not enjoying it that much
  • You find that you busy yourself with other things to avoid riding, because the thought of getting on your horse fills you with nerves
  • You don’t know how it got this bad but you’re pretty sure it’s not going to get better any time soon
  • You’re hoping to go competing but you’d like some support in certain areas
  • You’re planning to step up a level & you’d like support to combat nerves or self doubt
  • You’d like to supercharge your confidence to support your horse for all of your plans for the season

I’m a Life Improvement Coach & I help riders to improve their mindset to enjoy their time with their horses. That can be helping with nerves, anxiety, getting over a fall or another bad experience. To support you with your mindset to get ready to go out competing, or to turbo charge your confidence to take your competing to the next level and smash it in your chosen discipline!

As a result of the Equestrian Excellence Transformation Session you’ll:
  • Banish the nerves or anxiety that held you back, so that you can enjoying your time with your horse again
  • Put previous issues in the past, so that you feel ready & able to get back to having fun with your horse
  • Be prepared, revved up & excited to get out competing to do the things that you always dreamed of
  • Have confidence in yourself so that you can step up a level with determination & ease
The Equestrian Excellence Transformation Session includes:
  • The completion of the Let’s Get Started form that tells me what you’d like to work on. This will help you to get clarity on what you would like support with so that we can resolve it together
  • The Equestrian Excellence Transformation Session of 90 minutes, we’ll get into what’s causing you difficulty and resolve it for you. By the end of our session you’ll feel focused, positive & confident in your horsey ambitions and ready to move forward to have fun in your riding
  • Following our coaching session you will receive your Equestrian Excellence Summary Sheet, allowing you to remain present during our time together, happy in the knowledge that all of the insights will be captured for you to review later on. Any agreed actions will be captured for you to review after the session
  • A week after our coaching session I’ll follow up with you on the Equestrian Excellence Check-In Call, to see how you’re doing. In this 30 minute call we’ll discuss anything that has come up since our session and you’ll leave with clarity on how to maintain the benefits from the package
  • Exclusive access to my Equestrian Excellence Progressive program for future sessions, for those riders who want to work with me throughout the season

You’ll finally be focused on what matters to you with your horse, you’ll be rid of those niggling doubts or insecurities & be confident about your ability to go out & have fun doing whatever you love to do.


£ 149

Here's how to get started:

Step 1 – Book your Equestrian Excellence transformation session at a time convenient for you in the booking portal below.

Step 2 – Complete your information and the Let’s Get Started form, which tells me what you need support with.

Step 3 – You will receive confirmation of your appointment and payment.

Step 4 – In the Transformation Session we’ll resolve that thing that’s been holding you back.

Have you got questions? Drop me an email on nicky@beyourbestyet.co.uk or Message me