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Be Your Best Yet

From the outside, life looks good.
But inside, you feel like Fake Superwoman!

What you’ve been looking for isn’t outside of you, even though it feels like it is!
You’ve accomplished the goals you set for yourself. You should be proud! And you are… But it seems like your boss keeps piling it on, you don’t feel connected to your kids, and your partner doesn’t support you like you wish they would.

"You are pure magic"

Kerry Donoghue (Client)

"‘It’s like you’ve given me a key, or the secret spell book, to escape a maze!’"

Louise Phillips (Client)

How to work with me:

Self Paced Courses

Do you wonder how others seem to navigate life more effortlessly than you? It’s in how they use their mind. Learn how to handle what life throws at you with greater ease through my Wellness Workshop Series. These Self Paced Courses are how you can learn to become empowered, in your own time & at a pace that works for you. Dive in & start your empowerment journey.

Group Coaching programme

From the outside it looks like you’ve made it, but on the inside it doesn’t feel quite so rosy! In my group coaching programme I teach you how to use your drive & ambition as a force to create a life that’s authentic & fulfilling, instead of the endless pursuit of external success that never quite hits the mark.

One to One Coaching

Are you ready to go all in to create the life you want? You’re done striving to constantly prove yourself. You’d want to feel good inside, without believing that you need to be perfect to be worthy. Learn how to create your life on your terms, guilt free!

Where I share powerful content to empower you to live the life you want to live!

Hi, I'm Nicky...

I support women who are exhausted by their own ambition to create a life they don’t need to take a break from.

I’m on a mission to create a world where women have the tools to confidently create their life on their terms, guilt free! Through the work I facilitate you will develop a deep sense of who you really are & know that it’s finally safe to be authentically you.

Hi I'm Nicky!

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Self-Paced Course

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